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Healing at your fingertips


                It only takes an hour to change your life!                          

Energy at our fingertips 

Had enough? Stressed out? Failing at everything?

Be all you can be! It is time to make the change and take control of your own health wellbeing and nutritional and spiritual needs so you bloom in the flower you were born to be. Everyone has potential, we all have different levels of stress management, but if I can show you a way to reduce the stress level from 100% to 0% would you be interested?

The art of knowing yourself with new techniques to aid you every day. 

Energy reset and accomplish your desires.
First Aid for the Soul

It only takes an hour to change your life.
With Personal Practice
Doing Workshops
Have a Professional Career

 Mini intro workshops

Common Senses
Colour, scent, sound, touch, taste.
What affects you? Who affects you?
These things can distrub our natural rhythm of day to day living. 
Being aware of what can disrupt us on specific levels gives us control to take the reigns again and overcome any issue.

Quantum B New
1 hour intro 


This is where we move into the fascinating healing art of muscle monitoring and switching. Why we scramble and how to manage clear muscle readings to ensure the trigger of ultimate healing is ignited.


Nutritional, Structural & Spiritual
Witness this non intrusive support system for any living thing
See before and after changes before your very eyes.
Join in and feel the buzz.

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Career Prospects

Manual Therapists

Join the Energy Shifters
Learn K-Power
Ⓡ and then teach it! 
[Get internationally recognised qualifications]

Balance out those stressful moments.
Clear out and let the new in!
Pain relief. Goal setting. Diet and nutrition including food allergies and sensitivities. Metal toxicity rebalancing. 
Emotional stress release techniques.
Geopathic stress clearings. Muscle tone and spiritual growth.
Whatever the issue..... You know what can help....take the first step to emotional freedom and creative expression.

Quantum Be.

What is stress and how can I cope?
Magic Bee formulas tailored uniquely for your needs.

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Kinesiopractic, K-Power. Quality and substance.

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